Branding for start-ups


Branding for start-ups

by Steve Braham

You’ve spotted a gap in the market and you know exactly how to fill it. You’ve developed a product and tested it with family and friends. They believe in you. Next you manage to scrape together the funds and, most of all, you’re inspired. And that gives you all the energy and passion you need to get it off the ground.

Now you need a brand!

You’ll want a name and visual identity that will help your product to stand out and attract customers, but you also need to understand what makes your brand unique – your personality, what you stand for, what you want people to think about you, how they feel when they buy your product and when they consume it.

Elevator has been in the business of creating brands and packaging for over 15 years, working with start-up businesses, or refreshing the brands of existing organisations. It’s what we love to do, and it’s our bread and butter.

Some of our success stories include Lizi’s Granola and Blas y Tir fresh produce.

Lizi’s came to us in 2007 as a small family business and is now available in 128 countries word-wide and is the #2 granola brand in the UK.

Blas y Tir began life in 2010 and is established as the top brand for fresh produce in all the major supermarkets in Wales. 

Not all start-ups are aiming for that sort of scale, but whatever the aspirations for the brand, we can work it out.

We predict a big future for some of our recent branding and packaging projects, not least because they’re driven by worthwhile causes:

Roots by Isa is a range of soft drinks inspired by the flavours of west Africa. The founder Isatou is committed to fair trade with the Gambian farmers that she imports the raw materials from, and will use profits from the business to invest in education for girls and women in her home country. We’re proud to be associated with these ambitions.

It turns out that veganism is much more than a passing fad, and So Sweet Couture’s vegan chocolate bars and gift packs are riding the crest of a growing wave.

There is much interest in functional foods which also taste great. We worked with Good For You Ferments to brand and package their range of sauerkrauts, and created a brand and labels for Life’s a Booch kombucha. Both products have beneficial bacteria, but they also offer something different for your taste buds.

Wild & Rare rear rare and ancient breed animals on their free-range farm in west Wales. Water buffalo, Badger-faced Welsh Mountain Sheep and Iron Age pigs as well as wild venison and game are on the menu. We created a brand along with a strapline that encapsulated their free-range ethos and maverick attitude.

Ellis Eggs is a large supplier of free-range eggs to major retailers in Wales but to give something back to nature, and give them a powerful brand proposition, they took the decision to sow wild flowers in the farms to encourage bees and set up a number of hives. We collaborated with brand consultant Caroline Hanna to develop Beeloved Farms, initially for eggs but soon for honey too.

We’re always looking forward to the next challenge and we love getting stuck into new projects, so if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, or if you’d just like to get together for a chat about the future of your brand, please get in touch.





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