We’ve just become teenagers!


We’ve just become teenagers!

by Steve Braham

It’s not only St David’s Day, it is also Elevator’s 13th birthday – so it’s a great excuse for us to look back over some of our favourite projects from the past 13 years.

What makes a favourite project? Well it could be that it was a big, high profile job that made us feel important, or it was a small thing that started a new business on the road to success. Or maybe it was working with great clients and learning from them, or even just fun to do and good for the soul.

Anyway I’ve gathered together some snap shots of projects that I’ve enjoyed over the years – especially if they don’t appear elsewhere on our web site – have a look and let us know your favourites.

It’s also a good time to reflect on the past years, and think about what we’ve achieved. There are some obvious highlights such as designing the full suite of card plastics for one of the UK’s major high-street banks, or painting the town – and country – red for Principality’s 150th anniversary. We also helped a niche healthy breakfast cereal to become the UK’s second biggest seller in its category, and were partly responsible for introducing the concept of branding into the commodities aisle! But the biggest thing (and apologies for the modesty bypass) is that we’ve made a living doing something we love for so long, and can foresee a brighter future for our company. Bring it on!

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