Bread & Butter


Bread & Butter

by Steve Braham

We all love a big, high profile project that shows off our creativity, our strategic thinking and our design and technical abilities – but they’re only a small part of what we do. What about all the little jobs that keep us busy day-to-day? You know, we love them just as much, and I’m taking this opportunity to bring some of them into the spotlight.

Chop Chop produce a range of prepared vegetables that you can find in the fresh produce aisles. They asked us to create a simple suite of packaging for their standard and oriental stir fry ranges…

Occasionally food producers get asked to do a trial run in the supermarkets to see how receptive the customers will be to the product. We were asked to produce unbranded packs for a range of low-carb vegetable ‘spaghetti’ which would be economical to produce, but still have significant customer appeal.

Novel Foods supply a range of dips to the airline hospitality market. The little pots have a tiny tear-back label that was the only piece of brand real estate and it had to differentiate the products as well as conveying mandatory information and giving it customer appeal. This is a small selection of the products in the range:

 A West Wales dairy came to us when they wanted to relaunch their product range as Totally Welsh. The simple typographic solution gives them a cheerful but sophisticated look, and what could be fresher or more Welsh than a couple of daffodils in full bloom?

If you have a project that would benefit from thoughtful creative input, no matter how small, or big, we’d love to get involved. Please get in touch!


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