Marketing Excellence


Marketing Excellence

by Zoe Phare

Shortly after joining the Elevator team, I was tasked with the challenge to roll out a campaign for Wrexham’s annual Marketing Excellence Awards for Libraries, Museums and Archives. The award ceremony is to celebrate forward-thinking and bright ideas. Generally, when you try to convey an idea there’s always the risk of using cliché imagery such as light-bulbs. We were determined to avoid those clichés, but still use light to express ideas.

Our concept was to use light to express the idea, with light itself making a vigorous gesture to imply energy and celebration. We created a set of striking time-lapse light images and were able to use different ones for different positions within the suite of promotional materials, with one key image used as the brand motif. As part of the project, we had to design a trophy and our time-lapse photography provided a suitably eye-catching image along with the banners, literature and online applications to complete the campaign.



“Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on the awards event last week - the banners looked amazing and we had a great event with some brilliant feedback from the audience, winners and speakers.”

Audience Development Team, All Wales - Libraries, Museums & Archives

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