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Bread and Butter

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 1:51 pm

We all love a big, high profile project that shows off our creativity, our strategic thinking and our design and technical abilities – but they’re only a small part of what we do. What about all the little jobs that keep us busy day-to-day? You know, we love them just as much, and I’m taking this opportunity to bring some of them into the spotlight.

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We all love a big, high profile project that shows off our creativity, our strategic thinking and our design and technical abilities – but they’re only a small part of what we do. What about all the little jobs that keep us busy day-to-day? You know, we love them just as much, and I’m taking this opportunity to bring some of them into the spotlight.

Chop Chop produce a range of prepared vegetables that you can find in the fresh produce aisles. They asked us to create a simple suite of packaging for their oriental stir fry range…



Novel Foods supply a range of dips to the airline hospitality market. The little pots have a tiny tear-back label that was the only piece of brand real estate and it had to differentiate the products as well as conveying mandatory information and giving it customer appeal. This is a small selection of the products in the range:




Occasionally food producers get asked to do a trial run in the supermarkets to see how receptive the customers will be to the product. We were asked to produce unbranded packs for a range of low-carb vegetable ‘spaghetti’ which would be economical to produce, but still have significant customer appeal.



A West Wales dairy came to us when they wanted to relaunch their product range as Totally Welsh. The simple typographic solution gives them a cheerful but sophisticated look, and what could be fresher or more Welsh than a couple of daffodils in full bloom?  



If you have a project that would benefit from thoughtful creative input, no matter how small, or big, we’d love to get involved. Please get in touch!

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The fine art of snacking

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 11:53 am

Novel Foods have a delicious, sophisticated range of snacks based on authentic Italian snack breads and dips from around the Mediterranean. We developed the name, visual identity and packaging to launch the range to retailers and the hospitality market.

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Oh we love a snack in this country. According to market analyst Mintel, the UK snack market will reach £3.8bn by 2016 and our client, Novel Foods, hopes to play a part in this huge market with their exciting new range of snack breads and dips. That's why they called us in to create names, visual identities and pack designs for their different ranges.

Primadeli combines crostini flavoured with salt and rosemary with a dip of houmous or olive tapenade while Pizzette is tomato and herb-flavoured crostini with branded cream cheese dips – all the flavour of a pizza to eat on the go.

The two brands share a style inspired by a retro Italian aesthetic so the customer recognises the synergy between them and is encouraged to try the other brand after experiencing the first.

Photography gives the customer plenty of information about the product – the Primadeli packs are designed around a stunning photograph of the snack breads alongside the ingredients of the dip, while the Pizzette pack shows the herbs and tomatoes that flavour the breads. The branded cheese dips show through a window in the top of the pack. The packs come in two formats to suit different storage specifications.

Both brands have been attracting interest from some major retailers as well as taking off in the travel hospitality sectors.

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Tastefully Healthy

Posted on June 2, 2015 at 2:39 am

Lizi’s Granola is one of our flagship brands and we recently designed the packaging for a gluten-free variety that they’ve added to their product line. The pack refers to the parent brand but has plenty in common with a low sugar variety that they introduced recently.

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We have worked with Lizi’s Granola since 2006, so naturally when they developed a new gluten free granola, they asked us to design the packaging.

They wanted us to make the product different from their core range of breakfast cereals, but retain enough brand elements to make it recognisably one of theirs. It also had to sit alongside another recently-launched low-sugar variety.

The logo and product typography remain the same but the shape of the wave splitting the pack into text and picture area is softened and the orientation of the photo shifted through 90º. It’s combined with luggage-label-style descriptive elements that manage to convey a lot of information in a visual way, so it doesn’t feel like info-overload.

We wanted it to have the appeal of a luxury breakfast product rather than seeming like health food for people with dietary restrictions, so we used soft-focus lifestyle photography and bright, bold colours. The result is an appealing mainstream pack design for a product that can be enjoyed by everyone.  

Look out for more from Lizi in the coming months.

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Feeling fruity?

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 2:27 am

Fire & Ice is an artisan producer of delicious sorbets with flavours designed to appeal to the adult market. We created a brand that reflects the indulgence of their products and the authenticity
of their ingredients.

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Balsamic strawberry with crushed black pepper, spiced mango, strawberry and lime; these are just some of the amazing flavours that Fire & Ice have developed for their sorbets aimed at the adult foodie market.  They commissioned us to design a brand that reflected ideas of premium quality, artisan production and adult indulgence.


Our design gives equal prominence to the fire and ice components; the fire being the spicy, grown-up flavours and the ice being the dairy-free, smooth and silky sorbet. The two are linked by a hand-drawn signature-style ampersand that gives it a personal, flamboyant flourish.

The brand and product information is contained within a black disc that sits over a botanical illustration of the flavour, and strong colours reinforce and differentiate the flavour and give it great stand-our in the freezer cabinet.


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Irresistibly Welsh

Posted on March 22, 2015 at 1:58 am

Our latest integrated campaign for Blas y Tir featured a 20-second TV spot and outdoor adverts. We took a quirky look at how to bake a Rudolph potato, and ended up with a striking still life in the style of the Dutch masters – with the humble spud at its heart.

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Blas y Tir’s Rudolph potato is a delicious winter variety that is particularly good baked in its own deep-red jacket or roasted to crispy, creamy perfection. We worked with brand strategist Caroline Hanna to develop an integrated campaign that would get Rudolphs onto everyone’s winter menu, including, but not exclusively, on Christmas Day. 


An integrated campaign delivers better results quicker and more cost-effectively than a traditional one or two channel campaign. A survey from Gartner Research found that lead management campaigns integrating 4 or more channels will outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by as much as 300%.

We designed this campaign as one cohesive bundle by creating images, graphics and messages that could be applied across multiple channels, simplifying and streamlining the process and giving the customer a single-minded proposition. 


This consistency of appearance reinforced product awareness and recognition in store, online, across social media and in the outdoor environment, and of course, maximised the value and effectiveness of their TV advertising.   

The graphic treatment and brand messages synched with a campaign we ran in the summer for their other premium product, Pembrokeshire Earlies – meaning Rudolphs got a halo effect from the exposure gained from the Pembrokeshire Earlies campaign and the customers’ love of, and loyalty to that product.


We filmed the TV ad with specialist food photographer Huw Jones, and kept the final frame set up for a very high resolution still photograph that was used on outdoor advertising, point of sale and packaging design. As well as airing throughout Wales in December, the advert was uploaded to Blas y Tir’s YouTube channel, and short clips were used across social media to extend the life of the campaign.  

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Deliciously simple

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 10:42 am

Rudolph potatoes are a delicious red-skinned variety that makes the creamiest jackets. Our latest integrated campaign for Blas y Tir took a quirky look at the process of how to bake a Rudolph, and culminated in a striking still life in the style of the Dutch masters – with the humble spud at its heart.

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The ‘money shot’ featured on outdoor adverts, point of sale and the new pack design.

Working with photographer Huw Jones ( we used a variety of filming techniques to condense the whole process into 20 seconds. Of course, we generated hours of footage, but the magic happens in the edit and that’s where our very own Lowri Howells comes into the mix. Lowri selected the clips, scaled, cropped, colour-balanced and stitched together the whole piece and added an upbeat soundtrack to get it cracking along at a good pace so it got the attention it deserved when it was screened on TVs across Wales in December.

See the advert here:

A project like this is a team effort and we worked with marketing consultant Caroline Hanna, and media agency Morvah Media to get the campaign seen by consumers across Wales. The TV ad was supported by an outdoor campaign of 48-sheet billboards along with in-store activities and point-of sale.

The new pack design follows the style we developed for Blas y Tir’s other premium product, Pembrokeshire Earlies.

We also produced a set of Recipe cards to help customers to make the most of their Rudolph potatoes.

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